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Family Catechesis That Families Enjoy

Family Catechesis That Families Enjoy

The Directory for Catechesis (2020) identifies three areas of family catechesis: “in the family,” “with the family,” and “of the family” (227–231). These areas recognize that all members of the family are on a journey of faith and that “in and among families, the gospel message should always resound” (230).

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program flows from Jesus’ teachings in the Sunday Gospels. Children learn their faith—including what we believe as Catholics, the liturgy and sacraments, morality, and prayer—within the rhythms and seasons of the Liturgical Year. This approach supports and encourages Mass attendance and participation.

Every Pflaum Gospel Weeklies lesson presents the Sunday Gospel using age-appropriate activities and stories. Each week, children encounter the Gospel and, through prayer, song, and activities, learn the related Church teachings and doctrine. Every student lesson includes a Family Corner feature with a Question of the Week and Family Prayer. Bilingual lessons are available for all levels.

CATECHISM HANDBOOK: What the Church Believes and Teaches or Mi fe católica
The Catechism handbooks—one for each level of the program—contain all the most important Church teachings to reinforce, review, and summarize the lessons. The handbook, in English or Bilingual, is included with each set of student lessons.

This simple resource connects parents to their child(ren)’s lesson each week. Designed for busy families, The Gospel at Home provides a short description of the Sunday Gospel and suggested activities and discussion starters for each age level. These easy-to-do ideas will bring families together to share what each member has learned about the Gospel that they heard on Sunday (and studied in class). Available in English and Spanish.

The Gospel for All Ages is the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Family Catechesis Program, which is a simple and effective way to use the materials of our liturgy-based periodicals as the cornerstone of parish-wide catechesis for your families. It coordinates what you are already receiving with the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies with weekly guides for parents, gathering rituals, discussion questions, and large-group sessions. It also includes a guide for planning four major seasonal events.

Parent Teaching Pages are easy-to-use guides that walk parents through teaching each lesson with step-by-step instructions, background information, and discussion starters for use with one child or with children of various ages. They are available in both English and Spanish. These, along with additional family resources, are available on our website (English, Spanish).

Let Dr. Marylin Kravatz-Toolan share ideas for how to incorporate a unique program of grandparent/family catechesis at the parish level. Through her love of teaching, she will guide you through the benefits of including grandparents in the religious ed/catechesis/faith development of their grandchildren and provide support for their parents as they journey together as the primary educators in faith (English/Spanish).

Find a Handout for Families, helps for Home Instruction, Weekly Videos, and more here (English, Spanish).

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