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Talking with God During Lent

Good News / Buena Nueva children likely know many of the prayers of the Church, including the Our Father (Lord’s Prayer), the Hail Mary, and the creeds. They may not […]read more

Adult Formation Webinar: Becoming Disciples of the Word

Join Dr. Jo Ann Paradise for a live webinar to discuss how to reach the hearts and minds of adult parishioners at all levels of faith and connect everyone to […]read more

Lenten Songs to Journey with Jesus

Join Catholic composer, John Burland, and Children’s Liturgy of the Word host, Miss Heidi, for a sing-along special called “Songs to Journey with Jesus During Lent.” This free children’s video […]read more

Let’s Learn About Lent

Take a minute to look at Lent through the eyes of a child. First, Lent feels long. Forty days whip by quickly for adults, but it is a long stretch […]read more

Music Video of “Yes, Lord, I Believe”

Enjoy and share the official “Yes, Lord, I Believe” music video, featuring faith-filled children from around the world, whose voices proclaim the Good News with joy and exuberance! I dare […]read more

More Resources for Lent

Most catechists begin each class with a gathering prayer and welcome. During Lent, you may want to add a brief check-in period to see how the children are doing—with school, […]read more

Joining the Pope in Prayer

You may have heard about the Pope’s Monthly Intentions. Each month of the year, Pope Francis asks for our prayers for a particular purpose. During the month of February, he […]read more

Scrutiny Lessons for Children’s Initiation

Lent is an ideal time for reflecting on the meaning of our Baptism and how well we are following Christ with our lives. In many of our parishes, we have […]read more

“Solidarity in Working for Peace”

We will mark the second anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on 2/24. Violence and unrest continue in the Middle East, particularly in places we refer to as […]read more

Help Children Engage in the Lenten Journey

Help your young Catholics enter into a Lenten journey that is guaranteed to enrich their faith and foster their spiritual growth. The Totally Lent! collection helps children of all ages […]read more

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