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Online Assessment

Online Assessment

Assessment of student comprehension is important for all disciplines. In addition to measuring student progress, assessment gives the catechist-teacher an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of his or her teaching methods. Testing in a faith formation program, however, comes with a special warning: Religion tests are not faith tests.

Assessment in a Catechetical Program

The assessment instruments used in a catechetical program demonstrate help to a student’s literacy in the language and content of the faith. Catechists-teachers and administrators need to be careful not to interpret success on a religion test as a sign of a child’s faith. Equating the two is directly contrary to the purpose of catechesis as an element in the initiation process.

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program provides an assessment program for its upper four levels—Promise, Good News, Venture, and Visions. For children in preschool, participation in activities and the class process will provide the catechist-teacher with all the needed assessment of progress. Weekly Review Templates, however, are available for all five levels of the program.

All assessments are available in both English and Spanish.

The Pflaum assessment program offers these simple tools:

  1. A pretest to be administered at the beginning of the year will give the catechist-teacher a snapshot of how much each student already knows about the content of the faith for the upcoming level.
  2. Four unit tests may be administered after each eight-week unit of the program.
  3. A final test may be administered after all 32 sessions of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies have been completed.
  4. Weekly Lesson Assessments are short-answer written quizzes in which students can show what they have learned from the week’s lesson.
  5. Lesson Review Templates can be used to review what a child has learned after each lesson. The templates can be printed out, completed at home, and submitted in the manner that works for you (available in English and Spanish).

There is also an answer key for each test. In addition to the answers, the key correlates each question and its answer with the weekly student handouts and What the Church Believes and Teaches handbook. Since the tests are intended to help with the instruction process, not to assign rank or value to the students, they do not include grading criteria.

The tests are provided in three formats:

1. PDFs for easy duplication

2. Word documents for ease of customizing the tests by changing, adding, or removing questions

3. NEW Online quiz: Easy & interactive!

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