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Visions – Assessments

Visions – Assessments

Assessment Visions
The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program provides a full assessment program for Visions with a Pretest, Weekly Lesson Review, Unit Test and a Final Test (see below for descriptions of each). There are also simple Weekly Review Templates available.

  • A pretest to be administered at the beginning of the year will give the catechist-teacher a snapshot of how much each student already knows about the content of the faith for the upcoming level.
  • Four unit tests may be administered after each eight-week unit of the program.
  • A final test may be administered after all 32 sessions of the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies have been completed.
  • Weekly Lesson Assessments are available separately
  • Lesson Review Templates can be used to review what a child has learned after each lesson. The templates can be printed out, completed at home, and submitted in the manner that works for you (available in English and Spanish).

Tests are available in 3 formats:
1. PDFs for easy duplication
2. Word documents for ease of customizing the tests by changing, adding, or removing questions
3. NEW Online quiz: Easy & interactive:

  • Pretest, Unit Tests, and Final Test — The questions include true/false, matching and fill in the blanks with word banks. These tests are scored after they are taken, a score is sent to the email address you give to your students to enter, and they receive a certificate for completion.
  • Weekly Lesson Assessments — These 5-question reviews are free-form answers that the students submit to your email address that you provide them. Answers are provided for you.