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New Summer Solemnities Unit for ALL Gospel Weeklies Levels

New Summer Solemnities Unit for ALL Gospel Weeklies Levels

If your program or school year extends beyond the Gospel Weeklies program year, which ends with Sunday, May 7, consider using our NEW Summer Solemnities Unit. We offered only the Good News level last spring, but the other levels are now available (English only at this time).

Are you looking for new ideas for faith formation outside of the school year? Pflaum Publishing now offers additional faith formation lessons for the summer months.

You can use the new Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Summer Solemnities Lessons
• After the Gospel Weeklies lessons end in May
• Before the Gospel Weeklies lessons begin in September
• As part of a summer VBS or summer-intensive program
• As home lessons to keep families engaged over the summer

The Summer Solemnities eight-lesson unit covers:
• The Ascension of the Lord
• Pentecost Sunday
• The Most Holy Trinity
• The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)
• The Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
• The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
• Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles
• The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

While these celebrations take place between May and August, no dates appear on the lessons. This gives you more flexibility to use the lessons when and how you choose.

Note: The free Teaching Guides are available online ONLY. The Teaching Guides include the corresponding pages from the What the Church Believes and Teaches Catechism handbook. These pages from the Catechism handbook may be reproduced and distributed to students. Find the Teaching Guides on the level pages for Seeds, Promise, Good News, Venture, and Visions.

The new unit includes Lesson Assessments for Promise, Good News, Venture, and Visions and Unit Assessments for Good News, Venture, and Visions.

Jen and Dave offered a Road Trip webinar with some great lesson ideas for using the Summer Solemnities unit in a summer program. Find the webinar recording here. Find additional products to supplement the Summer Solemnities lessons here.

Seeds, Promise, and Good News: Eight 4-page lessons, $9.95 per student / 10+ copies: $8.00 per student
Venture and Visions: Eight 8-page lessons, $9.95 per student / 10+ copies: $8.00 per student

Image credit: © Bayard, Inc.

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