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Activities, Music, and Videos! Oh My!

Activities, Music, and Videos! Oh My!

Every week, the Gospel Weeklies present the Sunday Gospel message in ways that speak to all types of learners—through role-play, related stories and articles, games and activities, and in the stories of saints and other Catholic leaders. Enhance and extend your lessons with activities from the Activity Books, Seasonal Resources, and Extending Activities (Seeds and Promise).

The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies music collections feature songs by well-known Catholic composer John Burland. Each set contains two CDs correlated to the seasons of the Liturgical Year and include acclamations that can be used for prayer and when transitioning to the Gospel segment of each lesson. We now offer a music collection of songs in Spanish for those who use our bilingual programs.

We search the internet for related videos that you can view with your students. Usually 3–5 minutes long, the videos can break up a long stretch of reading or writing activities and reinforce the Gospel message. They are marked for the specific grade level but may be enjoyed by all. Find each week’s videos in the Weekly Videos menu.

Seeds and Promise (and some Good News) catechists and teachers may wish to enhance their class sessions with Miss Heidi’s Gospel Reflection and Saint in the Spotlight video features. Along with each week’s video, Miss Heidi creates a coloring page related to the Sunday Gospel.

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