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World Refugee Day: June 20

World Refugee Day: June 20

Millions of displaced people throughout our world are seeking a new country to call “home” during these unsettled times. At the end of 2022, of the 108.4 million forcibly displaced people, an estimated 41% are children under the age of eighteen. Most live in refugee camps.

On June 20, World Refugee Day, we are asked to remember the suffering and persecution of those who are denied their homes and homelands. Catholics are encouraged to become aware of the issues, support organizations that help refugees, and pray for reconciliation and compassion.

Parents can help teach their children about the refugee experience—and learn along with them. The United Nations Refugee Agency offers a free toolkit to help educators and parents teach primary- and secondary-school students about refugees, asylum-seekers, migrants, and those who are stateless. The kit provides videos, activities, and lesson plans to help children learn why people flee their homes, why it’s important to treat everyone with kindness and dignity, and facts about displaced people around the world. The materials are broken down into age-appropriate sections and offer step-by-step instructions for lessons.

Refugee statistics: United Nations High Commission for Refugees,
Image credit: © UNHCR/Hereward Holland

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