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FROM OUR EDITORS—May 28, 2023 – Pentecost Sunday

FROM OUR EDITORS—May 28, 2023 – Pentecost Sunday

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This week, we celebrate Pentecost Sunday and the Season of Easter comes to an end. Jesus sends us his Holy Spirit to strengthen us and to give us courage to spread his Good News throughout the world.

Every year, the Easter season seems to fly by faster than ever. One week, our churches are full of spring-blooming lilies in soft pastel colors, and before you know it, the altars are draped in the fiery reds and bright oranges that evoke the fire of the Holy Spirit and that seem to signal the coming of summer.

To us, the action of the Holy Spirit might seem to happen in the blink of an eye: a moment of inspiration, the Baptism of a baby. But that is merely our human perception of the Spirit’s work, which is happening all around us at all times and in all places. Jesus assures us that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, remains with us always. As we settle into the slower pace of summer, let’s use this time to stop each day and reflect on those Holy Spirit moments, and thank God for the Spirit’s presence, whether we are aware of it or not.

Our NEW Summer Solemnities Units include full lessons for Pentecost Sunday. (Available in English only at this time.)

Here are some tips for the online Late Close Sessions of the Gospel Weeklies, which focus on the themes of the Holy Spirit and Pentecost. Note that these lessons are online only. They are available for you to download below.

Seeds (English, Spanish)
If you’d like to make the pinwheel project, but you’re concerned about using pins, you can find a video here that shows you how to make a pinwheel without pins. Print out the Seeds pinwheel template (Online Late Close 4, Handout 1) to use as the basis for your pinwheels.

Promise (English, Spanish)
The Late Close Lesson for Pentecost includes a story you can tell the children, plus a story from the Acts of the Apostles, to help you connect the coming of the Holy Spirit to being a follower of Jesus today. If you have time, it’s always a good idea to read the stories in advance of class so you are familiar with them.

Good News (English, Spanish)
For the Holy Spirit mobile (Online Late Close Lesson, Handout 1), you’ll need scissors for each child, glue, construction paper, a hole punch, yarn or string (lightweight ribbon can also work), and clothes hangers or wooden dowels for hanging the mobiles. Some sturdy straws or even pencils can work too.

Venture (English, Spanish)
If your parish is celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation this month, try to share photos of the day with your students to connect with this lesson. Look for images in your parish bulletin or social media pages. Ask your students if they know anyone who is being confirmed this year and invite them to share about the experience.

Visions (English, Spanish)
Make copies of Handout 1 for all of your students to use for the Scripture reading and closing prayer. Note that the Scripture reading comes from the First Reading for Pentecost Sunday.

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