Concern for the Poor, Migrant, and Refugee

Author: Joan McKamey ~ January 9, 2018


January is Poverty Awareness Month. While we may feel the pinch of January credit card bills for our Christmas shopping, most of us have little real idea of being poor. If we have access to clean water, basic shelter, and adequate food, we are rich compared to so many—and have a responsibility to those who have less. In his address to students in Jesuit Schools of Italy and Albania in 2013, Pope Francis said, “It is impossible to talk about poverty, about abstract poverty. That does not exist! Poverty is the flesh of the poor Jesus in this hungry child, in the sick person, in these unjust social structures. Go, look over there at the flesh of Jesus.”

Download this calendar for Poverty Awareness Month. It’s full of activities, information, and links to increase your awareness as well as that of the children in your homes and classrooms.

Invite Promise and Good News children to become Superheroes of Justice with this activity from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

Many of those who suffer from poverty are among the migrants and refugees—those who leave their homes for hope of a better life in a different country. The week of January 7–14 is National Migration Week. Alert Visions students to CCHD’s “Share the Journey of Young Migrants and Refugees” contest for grades 7–12. Check with your local coordinator for diocesan deadlines. National deadline for entries is March 31.


Image credit: Catholic Campaign for Human Development/USCCB

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