A Shepherd Knows His Sheep

Author: Nicholle Check ~ September 20, 2017

Untitled design (85)Catholics will gather to celebrate the beatification Mass of the first U.S.-born martyr, Father Stanley Rother, in Oklahoma City this Saturday, September 23. Father Rother lived and worked at the Santiago Atitlan mission in Guatemala for 13 years. Though he himself struggled in Latin classes while at seminary, Rother worked to translate catechetical materials into the native language of the indigenous people he served. Despite death threats and people urging him to return to the safety of the United States, Father Rother remained in Guatemala. He was murdered on July 28, 1981, by those who opposed his faithful ministry to his people.


To read more about the life and death of Father Stanley Rother, read “A Shepherd Does Not Run,” which appeared in Visions in spring 2017. 

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