FROM OUR EDITORS—February 18, 2018 – 1st Sunday of Lent

Author: Joan McKamey ~ February 13, 2018



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This Sunday’s Gospel begins with “The Spirit drove Jesus into the desert.” I find this wording striking and worth reflection. The Spirit drove him. This word means to compel, force, or prod. Perhaps Jesus, in his humanity, was much like us and needed to be prodded to do things that would be good for him (and others) but that would involve some sacrifice. Jesus knew the day was coming when he would begin his public ministry, yet he also knew that this would lead to opposition, rejection, and execution. The Holy Spirit drove Jesus into the desert for a period of fasting and prayer in preparation for all that was to come.

Whether we look forward to Lent for the opportunity to focus on ways to grow closer to our Lord or feel as if our whole year has been a Lent of sorts, the Holy Spirit and the Church prod us to use these 40 days well. Make your sacrifice this Lent count for something. Choose an action that will help bring you closer to our Lord and the person he calls you to be. Whether that is sacrificing some sleep or screen time for prayer or cutting out an indulgence that will help you be more mindful of those who have less, make it count. (Doing something extra also involves sacrifice.) Keep in mind the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. We pray that you will respond willingly to the Holy Spirit’s prodding and trust that God will lead you through personal sacrifice to the abundance of his Kingdom.

We have quite a few Lenten resources to share. You may use some now as Lent begins and throughout the season:

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  1. Regina Ballein says:

    The start of Lent always reminds me that I need to sacrifice some things and give to others.

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