Thankful for Winter?

Author: Nicholle Check ~ January 23, 2018


It may be hard to find the blessings in winter. Depending on where you live, this time of year brings the “blessings” of wind, snow, and cold. The Thank You, God, for Winter activity sheet will help Seeds children understand how God blesses us in all seasons. Use this coloring activity to stimulate conversation about the joys of winter and how each season has its purpose in God’s Creation. If the children’s favorite winter things aren’t included here, encourage them to draw them in the margins or on the back of the page. The activity page is available in Spanish and English.


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2 Responses to “Thankful for Winter?”

  1. Madonna Hurchla says:

    My favorite activity in winter is skiing!!!

  2. Nicholle Check says:

    That’s a great one! I hope your children enjoy the activity.

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