FROM OUR EDITORS —January 28, 2018 – 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: Joan McKamey ~ January 23, 2018


Sunday’s Gospel tells us that Jesus taught with “authority.” You may be thinking, “Well, of course, Jesus is God, so he would teach with authority.” While we’re not fully human and fully divine as Jesus was, we too can teach with authority.

Building on the authority that comes from Sacred Scripture, the teachings of Christ, and the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church, the witness of your life is a vital part of teaching authoritatively. The National Directory for Catechesis (US) reads:

“Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, catechists powerfully influence those being catechized by their faithful proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the transparent example of their Christian lives. For catechesis to be effective, catechists must be fully committed to Jesus Christ. They must firmly believe in his Gospel and its power to transform lives” (29E).

Involvement in the ministry of catechesis is both a privilege and awesome responsibility. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re involved in God’s work, and the Holy Spirit will guide our efforts. We encourage you to begin your planning for each lesson with a prayer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Then invite the Holy Spirit to share your class by saying a quick and sincere prayer before students arrive. Follow the Spirit’s lead, and you may find that you’re teaching—and living—the faith with more confidence, authority, and joy than ever before!


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  1. Carol Mika says:

    This short paragraph is most helpful in writing my opening for this Sunday’s school Mass. Thank you!!

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