FROM OUR EDITORS —January 14, 2018 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Author: Joan McKamey ~ January 9, 2018


A lot happens in the eight verses of Sunday’s Gospel: John the Baptist points out Jesus as the “Lamb of God,” two of John’s disciples follow Jesus and spend time with him, Andrew tells his brother Simon that Jesus is the Messiah and then introduces Simon to Jesus, Jesus gives Simon the new name of Peter.

Sometimes it works that way in our lives too—one significant event leads to another and another. Yet more often, we encounter Christ and his invitation in the everyday events of life. As we muddle through an ordinary day, we hear Jesus say, “Come, and you will see,” through common people or events.

Through big events and seemingly small ones, we can expect to encounter Christ if we seek him. In our busy lives and world, there are many distractions. We pray that you’re able to focus on the things that matter most and find Christ whenever and wherever you seek him.


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