FROM OUR EDITORS — Sunday, November 26 – Feast of Christ the King

Author: Joan McKamey ~ November 14, 2017


Are you a sheep or a goat? Let me rephrase that: Is Christ really your King? That’s a question we should ask ourselves with regularity. The Church honors Christ as King this Sunday on what’s officially called the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. This Sunday’s Gospel has Jesus separating the sheep—his true followers—from the goats—those that fail to follow him—at the Final Judgment. While we acknowledge Christ as King of the Universe, we each must make sure that Christ is King of our universe—that we put him and his will for us high on our list of priorities.

As we are deluged with Christmas ads and our calendars fill with Christmas preparations, it’s an appropriate time to pause in our busyness and consider how much we allow the pull of our world to shift our focus from God’s kingdom and what is valued there. We don’t want to be goats in sheep’s clothing. Learn more about this feast here.


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