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TablCe of onTenTsIntroduction: Handing on Jesus’ Message 4 Overview: Using Venture—Meeting Jesusin the GospelsThe Faith Tasks of Middle-Grade ChildrenConcrete Thinking Characterizes Middle GradersChildren’s Social DevelopmentThe Flow of a Venture LessonUnit Overview Teaching GuideStep 1: Sharing Our Life StoriesStep 2: Listening to God’s WordStep 3: Building Christian CommunityGetting OrganizedCreate a Spirit of HospitalityEstablish a Friendly and Flexible Class Space How to Make Your Venture Class GoSmoothlyWhat About Supplies?How to Facilitate a Venture ClassThree Rules for Small GroupsAsk the Right QuestionsBring Your Class to Life With Drama Encourage Interactive/Cooperative Learning Role Playing/Conflict Resolution1235 Introducing the Old Testament What About Israel’s History?Advent Prophets Lenten HistoryPart 2

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