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TablCe of onTenTsIntroduction: Handing on Jesus’ Message—The Church’s Vision for Catechesis1 How Do Three-and Four-Year-Olds Learn?Faith Development Builds on Human DevelopmentWhat Children Can’t Do. . .Yet2 How a Seeds Lesson WorksBecoming Familiar With the Teaching Guide Step 1: Sharing Our Life StoriesStep 2: Listening to God’s WordStep 3: Building Christian CommunityHow Can Seeds Fit Your Schedule?3 Classroom Atmosphere and Good OrderBe an Example of Hospitality Establish a Comfortable Routine Friendly and Flexible Space Making a Seeds Class Go SmoothlyCreating a Good Environment4 Techniques for Teaching Young ChildrenStorytellingIntroducing Dramatic Play Sense-Involving Activities5 Jesus and Preschool ChildrenWhy Teach Young Children About Jesus? How to Present JesusUsing the Jesus Art in Seeds

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