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anding on HJMThe Good News of Jesus Christ must be carried forth to every person and every nation so that it may penetrate the heart of every person and renew the human race.The National Directory for Catechesis #9, page 21To tell the good news of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church’s mission. As teachers and catechists, we hand on this good news, the Gospel, to the next generation. “Jesus Christ is the energizing center of evangelization and the heart of catechesis,” states the National Directory for Catechesis (NDC #1, page 2), a handbook written by the U.S. Bishops to guide us in our catechesis.To catechize means to instruct. Literally,the word catechesis means to teach face to face orally. Jesus’ story is preserved in the Bible in words. His teachings are preserved in the Church’s traditions. When we tell his good news face to face, we pass on our own faith, too.Catechesis finds its sources in Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the teaching of our bishops. It hands on a living tradition that includes creeds, liturgical texts, the testimonies of saints, and the theological reflection and practical living of all who attemptto live the Gospel message. Every Christian makes known and visible Jesus’ teaching by how he or she lives the Gospel. Our baptisms call each of us to put on and embody Christ. We form the body of Christ in our world. Together we are bearers of tradition to new generations.The CaTeChism of The CaTholiC ChurChThe Pflaum Gospel Weeklies center each lesson around Jesus in the Sunday Gospels and connect the Gospels with the comprehensive content of our Catholic faith that is expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.The Catechism is an organic synthesis of essential Catholic doctrine in the light of the Second Vatican Council and the whole of the Church’s tradition. The teaching guide for each Promise lesson shows what area of our faith is learned in that week’s lesson. The Catechism builds the content of faith formation on four pillars:the profession of faith (Apostles’ Creed); the Sacraments of faith;the life of faith (Commandments);the prayer of believers (Our Father).Because we teach, the children we serve should be better able to live as Jesus’ followers in our world. As the Catechism puts it, we teach believing,esus’ essage6

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