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TablCe of onTenTsIntroduction: Handing on Jesus’ Message —The Church’s Vision for Catechesis1 How Does a Young Child Learn?Physical Development Affects Learning Developing Ability to Think Abstractly Learning to Make Moral Judgments Children’s Social Development Teachers Are the Key2 How a Promise Lesson WorksBecoming Familiar with the Teaching Guide Part 1: Sharing Our Life StoriesPart 2: Listening to God’s WordPart 3: Building Christian Community Making the Promise Lesson Go Smoothly3 Classroom Atmosphere and Good OrderBe an Example of HospitalityEstablish a Story Circle and a Work Area Maintaining Classroom Discipline Creating a Good Environment4 Techniques for Teaching Young ChildrenStorytellingWhen to Use Creative DramaticsIntroducing Creative Dramatics to Your Promise ClassSense-Involving Activities5 Listening for the Big Questions

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