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Living theThe Works ofGOSPELDirectionsFollow the directions to collect the Works of Mercy.1. Complete the game board. Draw or write in the house, school, and church shapes a way you or your family practice one of the Works of Mercy.2. Play the game with a partner or alone. A family can all play on one game board.3. Each player puts a token on START. Take turns tossing a coin.Heads = move one space. Tails = move two spaces.4. Read aloud the Work of Mercy named on the space. Check a box below that Work of Mercy on your scorecard.5. When you land on a space whereyou have drawn or written, tell three sentences about what doing that Work of Mercy is like.6. Play until you have checked at least one box in each area of the scorecard.Connecting GOSPEL and DOCTRINEJesus Teaches Us How to Treat One AnotherSunday’s Gospel describes the Works of Mercy—feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, welcoming the homeless, and visiting the sick and imprisoned.As followers of Jesus, we have the responsibility to treat other people as Jesus would treat them.Jesus sees each human being as valuable, especially the least among us.The Works of Mercy show us very practical ways to love others. We can live the Works of Mercy every day in our families and among our classmates. Jesus insists that when we show love toour least brothers and sisters, we show love to him.1 Why is helping others so important?2 Name two ways youcan show Jesus’ love with someone at school this week.6The Works of Mercy ScorecardFeed hungry peopleqqqqGive water to peopleqqqqMake sure everyone has clothesqqqqCare for sick peopleqqqqVisit people who are shut inqqqqWelcome new peopleqqqq

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