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Works of Mercyby Angela Cave“We can do a work of mercy everyweekend.” Thesixboys from St. Gregory’sSchool in Loudonville, New York, don’t remember whogot the idea first. They had studied the works of mercy in their fifth-grade religion class. They didn’t want to give up sweets or TV for Lent; they wanted to do things for other people. Then they connected the weeks of Lent with the seven Works of Mercy.Twice a week after schoolthe boys met in the library to brainstorm service activities they could do on the weekends. They planned to do each Work of Mercy—clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, sheltering the homeless, visiting people in prison, burying the dead, and caring for the poor.“The Works of Mercy are kind of like a shorter version of the Ten Commandments— things we should do,” says fifth-“Jesus would always give help. I’m trying to do his work.” —Charliegrader David Carroll. “It’s better to think of others than yourself in any situation,” he explains. “Always being helpful is good.”The boys recruited some younger children to help them with their plans.“I thought it would be nice to do something for other people, instead of giving somethingup for Lent,” says third-grader William Nigro.“I learned to put otherpeople before me and notto be greedy and selfish.Doing it with our friendsmade it special.”The boys spent countless hours and a lot of allowance money helping people in their community and around the world. They cleaned out their closets and donated clothes tohomeless shelters. They went grocery shopping and boughtitems to give to a food pantry. They cooked and serveddinner at a soup kitchen. The group went global andraised money for a water well in Africa. “Things I didn’t think I could do, I learned I can do,” says Q, another fifth-grader. The boys originally planned to raise $300 for a water well in an African village where residents don’t have clean water. They ended up sending $500.“I was really proud that we accomplished it,” says Q. He cleaned his room and the garage, unloaded laundry, and set and cleared the dinner table for extra allowance money to contribute to the cause. “I can’t wait to see how it works.”The boys also collected jewelry and arranged Mother’s Day gift bags for mothersstaying in shelters for abused women. They sent clothes and toys to an organization for sick, orphaned, and abused children. They finishedtheir project by making 350 baskets full oftoothbrushes, toothpaste, and candy for children at homeless shelters.Because 350 baskets required a lot of candy, the boys asked2Doing theShutterstockShutterstockShutterstock

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