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                                                                    In Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis says that “Catechesis is a proclamation of the Word and is always centered on that word.”
The BEST and ONLY alternative to expensive textbooks, the P aum Gospel Weeklies is a unique program that combines a complete doctrinal catechesis with the liturgical life of the Church.
E ective Method
The P aum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program takes Pope Francis seriously by centering every lesson on the Sunday Gospel and developing a comprehensive doctrinal catechesis as it arises from the Gospel.
Unique Format
The individual “lesson-by-lesson” format, instead of expensive, bulky textbooks, provides each child with a fresh new lesson every week. And since lessons don’t repeat (they correspond to the three-year Lectionary cycle), we can include current events and cultural developments that help children see the relevance of the Gospel to their lives.
Catechism handbooks, integrated into each lesson, provide all the essential doctrinal teachings of the Church and serve as a handy age-appropriate references for review.
Easily A ordable
You receive all 32 lessons (delivered quarterly) plus a Catechism handbook for each child for one low price.
In addition, easy-to-use, full-color Teaching Guides are included FREE. The Teaching Guides contain the complete lesson plans for both parishes and schools. New catechists as well as experienced teachers love these focused plans that are  exible yet sensitive to your schedule.
Young People Love the Gospel Weeklies!
The stories about Jesus and the stories that Jesus told are central to our faith. Even the youngest children are captivated by them. Through hearing these stories, acting them out, and studying them, children come to understand their meaning and recognize their relevance to their lives.

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