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The Grain of Wheat
PREPARATION: Make five groups by having people number off from 1 to 5  Each group reads the words in the Grain of Wheat Prayer Service corresponding to their number  Prepare seeds and dirt for planting  Sing “Come Do This in Memory of Me” (Good News/ Promise CD 1, track 20) to end the service 
Add sound dimensions to the Gospel tone poem by asking individuals to make certain musical sounds each time certain words occur; for example, improvise with such simple sounds as these:
l solemnly (tap pencils together rapidly),
l falls (run a pencil down the spiral of a notebook), l dies (drum softly on a hollow object),
l ground (crumple paper),
l eternal life (jingle key rings) 
LEADER: In the Gospel for the 5th Sunday of Lent, cycle B, Jesus compares himself to a grain of wheat  A grain of wheat indeed must fall into the earth to germinate  It does not really die  A seed that falls into the earth and dies does not sprout  Jesus’ image is one of transformation  In the seed that sprouts, the life within the seed bursts its hull and takes new form  Listen to this tone poem version of the Gospel  Let the sounds fall and flow over and around you  What life within you wants to burst its hull?
The Grain of Wheat Gospel Tone Poem
1 I tell you
2 tell you
3 solemnly tell you
4 I tell you solemnly:
5 Unless
1 unless a grain
2 I tell you solemnly
3 unless a grain
4 a grain of wheat
5 unless it falls
1 the wheat falls
2 on the ground
3 and dies,
4 unless the wheat dies
5 unless it falls on the ground
1 it stays a single grain
2 a single grain
3 only grain
4 lonely grain
5 a single grain
1 it stays forever
2 forever alone
3 a single grain of wheat  4 But if it dies
5 if the wheat dies 1 on the ground
2 in the ground
3 under the ground 4 a single grain
5 if it dies
1 if a single grain dies,
2 it yields
3 it increases
4 it multiplies
5 it brings forth
1 a single grain
2 it brings forth
3 from the ground
4 it brings a rich
5 a very rich
1 an extremely rich
2 a single grain brings forth 3 a joyfully rich harvest
4 many grains of wheat
5 harvest of eternal life 
John 12 24
Catechist Prayer Service 3
        REFLECTION: Talk together about a seed within you that wants to burst its hull this Lent  How can each of us plant this seed and expect transforming growth?
SIDE 1: Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth, it remains a single grain 
SIDE 2: But if it germinates, it yields a rich harvest 
LEADER: Lead us through Lent to transformation, Jesus  We want to germinate, sprout, and yield a hundredfold  We want to be fruitful in ministering your Word to those we teach 
ALL: We are your seed, Christ Jesus  Amen  SONG: “Come Do This in Memory of Me” (Good
News/Promise CD 1, track 20)
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