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Catechist Prayer Service 2The Way of the LordOPENING SONG: “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” or “The Promise, Part 1” and “The Promise, Part 2” (Good News/Promise CD 1, tracks 1 and 2) LEADER: Let us pray in the name of God who gives all things life and sustains the world, in the nameof Jesus in whom God comes among us, and in the name of the Spirit who frees us for God’s work in this world ALL: Amen SIDE 1: By your creative power, God, you separated the waters of the heavens from the springs of the earth, the dry land from the sea SIDE 2: For Israel enslaved in Egypt, the way of the Lord was a dry path through the Red Sea SIDE 1: For Israel exiled in Babylon, the way of the Lord was a smooth, straight road home through the wilderness SIDE 2: For us, the way of the Lord is Jesus’ coming among us and going before us through death to life ADVENT WREATH BLESSINGLEADER: Advent is a time for preparing for thebirth of Jesus  We await Jesus’ coming with faith and hope  Bless this wreath and the light it bears  Let us prepare our hearts by using the symbol of the wreath to reflect on our past, live in the present, and hope in the future ALL: Amen BLESSING 1: The circle of the wreath is a sign of God’s endless love for us  May we show one another love in our families and community ALL: Loving God, listen to our prayer BLESSING 2: The candles mark the weeks of Advent with your holy light, Lord  May we follow that light on our journey this Advent ALL: Loving God, listen to our prayer LEADER: The evergreen branches remind us that God sustains our lives in bountiful love  Help us to be thankful, God, for all your many gifts to us ALL: Loving God, listen to our prayer ALL: God of all the Ages, we often walk in darkness and fear the light  Advent is a time to turn toward your dawning in our world and remember your promises of life and love  Make us be people of loving and joyful hearts  Help us reach out to others in need  Keep us open and alive to your love  Amen ©Pflaum Publishing Group, a division of Bayard, Inc  Art: Jim Burrows (c) Bayard, Inc 34

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