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Advent/Christmas: Exploring the Incarnation Mystery
Collect and duplicate inservice materials you will need for the meeting:
l Weeklies second set of lessons at each level and accompanying Teaching Guides;
l Eight lesson planning forms for each catechist (Catechist Training Master 1);
l Provide link to the online Resource Manual for each catechist;
l The Way of the Lord (Prayer Service 2);
l How Do Children at Each Pflaum Gospel Weeklies
Level Learn? (Catechist Training Master 3) 
Session 2: Exploring the Incarnation Mystery
1  Greeting and Introductions
2  Prayer Service 2: The Way of the Lord
3  How Do Children at Each Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Level Learn?
l Catechist Training Master 3 l Resource Manuals, Chapter 1
4  Doctrinal Themes of Second set of Lessons
l Second set of lessons of the Weeklies and their Teaching Guides
l Program Handbook Chapter 2 l Three-Year Scope and Sequence
Chart (wall chart)
l Scope and Sequence Chart for the current year
5  Lesson Planning
Arrange into five groups, according to which Pflaum Gospel Weeklies level each person uses  Distribute lessons and lesson plan blanks  Have an experienced leader in each group help the group prepare a lesson plan for the 1st Sunday of Advent, adapting the lesson plans suggested in the guides to the time available and other specific circumstances 
6  Large Group
Gather as a large group to decide on activities, from the Advent/Christmas lessons, that you
may wish to use in all-school or all-religion-classes Christmas programs 
7  Review Calendar
Ask for questions about any aspect of the program  Take time to make sure your answers satisfy  If there are concerns that need more attention, put them on the next meeting agenda 
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Catechist Training Session 2

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