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Catechist Training Session 1
Orientation Preparation
1  Send a letter of invitation to each catechist or parent well in advance of the meeting date 
2  Collect and duplicate inservice materials you will need for the meeting:
Help your catechists or parents find the description of each part of a lesson in the online Resource Manual for their level  Have them find the same parts for each grade level in the Weeklies and in the Teaching Guide  Enlist experienced catechists to work through the lesson plan with new catechists and parent catechists by edition level 
3  Create supply boxes for each catechist or classroom  See Resource Manuals online.
4  Prepare to lead a session such as the one outlined below  The agenda suggests addressing the needs of new and experienced catechists separately  Conclude by regathering as a total group to discuss what it means to be a catechist, to review the calendar for the year, and to answer questions 
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Calendar for the year and room assignment chart; ProvidelinktoonlineResourceManualforeach catechist;
ScopeandSequenceChart(wallchart); ScopeandSequenceChartforthecurrentyear found in the User’s Guide;
Weeklies’ first lessons at each level and accompanying Teaching Guides;
Lesson planning forms for each catechist (Catechist Training Master 1);
Liturgical Catechesis
(Catechist Training Master 2);
The Sower and the Seed Prayer Service
(Prayer Service 1);
Nine Steps to Maintaining Order and Organization (Catechist Training Master 5);
Session 1: Orientation
1  Welcome
l Affirmation of catechists, parents l Introductions
2  Prayer Service 1: The Sower and the Seed
3  Liturgical Catechesis
l Catechist Training Master 2 l Program Handbook Chapter 2
4  The Flow of a Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Lesson l Catechist Training Master 1
l Resource Manuals, Chapter 2 
l The first eight lessons of the Weeklies and their
Teaching Guides
Break for Refreshments
New Catechist Session
Managing Class Time, Space, and Children
l Resource Manuals, Chapter 3 
l Catechist Training Master 5: Discipline l Partner with experienced catechists
Experienced Catechist Session
Doctrinal Themes of Autumn Ordinary Time
l The first eight lessons of the Weeklies and their Teaching Guides
l Scope and Sequence Chart (wall chart) and Scope and Sequence Chart for the current year
Total Group
l Form small groups and discuss the key factors in being a catechist  Gather the large group and list on the chalkboard or newsprint all key ideas and thoughts that came from the small group discussion 
l Review calendar for the year  l Take questions 
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