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Parish Model FOURChildren’s Liturgy of the WordMany parishes use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies for a children’s Liturgy of the Word  Intermediate- age and younger children aremost likely to be involved in such programs  Children usually gather in a separate area of the church complex and join their parents for the Liturgy of the Eucharist In some parishes childrenand their catechists exit after the Opening Prayer  In this case, there is usually not enough time for the whole lesson  Parents need to be alerted as to how to follow through at home  Sending home with thechild a copy of the Teaching Guide is essential (guides are also available free online at gospelweeklies com/ catechists-teachers/)  In other parishes, children begin their weekly faith formation time before Mass, conclude the lesson with the Liturgy of the Word, and join the parish community for the Liturgy of the Eucharist Other parishes integrate the Liturgy of the Word with their weekly religion class, following the weekly class session with a ritual proclamation for the whole faith formation group The Weeklies provide the Gospel in drama form, so students can step into the story and severalcan participate in proclaimingthe Word each week  The adult leader of a children’s Liturgy of the Word will want to take turns using the Gospel version from the five levels of the Weeklies  Guidelinesfor appropriate rituals for the proclamation are outlined in each online Resource Manual.Consider having a monthly children’s Mass, with the children proclaiming the readings, writing the Prayers of the Faithful and bringing the gifts to the altar 5  Conversion: An ongoing process of change and realization that my story is God’s story 6  Celebration of God’s presence and gifts in our lives, through prayer, Sunday liturgy, and the Sacraments 7  Ministries: Ways we use our gifts to serve the people of God These steps parallel the Weeklies’ approach to catechesis and coincide with the movement of a Weeklies lesson from story to Gospel to application to real life, making the Weeklies ideal tools for use with families participating in the RCIA A Pflaum Gospel Weeklies session focuses on Stages 1, 2, and 3 of the initiation process in its first step— Share Experiences; on Stages 4and 5 in its second step—Discover Gospel and Doctrine; and on Stages 6 and 7 in its third step—Live the Gospel Parish Model FIVEFamilies in RCIAIn the catechumenate the Church uses the Sunday Lectionary as its source for catechizing people in the process of Christian initiation  Catechumens hear the Liturgyof the Word with the Sunday assembly, then gather togetherto reflect on the Word, what God asks of them in this Word, and what God in Jesus promises  In the initiation process, the Liturgy of the Word becomes the primary experience of Christian tradition for candidates for Baptism The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies offer resources for catechesis for children who are preparing for Christian initiation or who have a family member in the RCIA process In the RCIA, people move through four stages—inquiry, catechumenate, illumination,and mystagogy  At each stagethe experience of hearing and reflecting upon the Gospel ofthe Sunday Liturgy of the Wordis central to the process  In this journey in faith, participants walk with sponsors through story and rite into discovering they live their stories within God’s story for all humankind Because the Weeklies follow the Lectionary, they serve as reflection tools for young people journeying with their parents through the initiation process James B  Dunning, writing in Worship 53:2, describes seven stages in that process:1  Storytelling: Sharing our life experiences and listening to those of others 2  Questioning: Where have I come from? Where am I going? What are my responsibilities along the way?3  Finding Companions and communities of faith who assure us we are not alone on our journey 4  Exploring Tradition, which grounds us firmly in the roots of our history, Scriptures, and Gospel values For more information on this program model, as well as other models, including programs for children with special needs, summer intensive programs, and using the Weeklies with military families, visit gospelweeklies com/catechists-teachers/19

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