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Parish Model TWOFamily-Centered Catechesis, Home-SchoolingThe National Directory for Catechesis reminds us that “parents are the primary educators in the faith and the ‘first heralds of the faith with regard to their children’” (NDC 101)  This makes the familya place where formal catechesis can build on existing family practice  “The Christian family is ordinarily the first experience of the Christian community and the primary environment for growth in faith It is a place in which the word of God is received and from which itis extended ” All the members ofa family help create and awaken a sense of God’s loving presence and encourage and live faith in Jesus Christ (NDC 100-101) The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies provide liturgical catechesis forchildren from preschool through junior high on the same Sunday Gospels, allowing for the different developmental needs of children at various age levels in the same family  The Weeklies provide a unity around the Gospel, enabling parents to teach children of different age levels around a common theme  The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies are ideally suited to family-centered programsIn many parishes the DRE periodically gathers parents and children who opt for this modelto involve them in a communal experience of parish life and prayer  These gatherings may occur once or twice a month  With children and parents together, some DREs begin with a simple Liturgy of theWord  Others choose a thematicor seasonal prayer service  The children then separate into grade levels with a catechist who reviews the previous weeks’ lessons with them  The catechist reinforces doctrinal components and provides additional information as is necessary  Often catechists employ music, singing, or activities to ensure the meeting is hospitable and fun The key focus of the meeting, however, is the parents  The DRE introduces them to the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies lessons and gives them their Teaching Guides and student copies for home use  The DRE then spends the majorityof the meeting time catechizing the parents on an adult level by15

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