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Unit 1 Year A Answer KeyLesson 71. They will be humbled.2. By telling people to keep the Law of Moses very strictly but not helping them keep it3. To know our place before God and to serve our neighbors willingly4. To build a sense of belonging and community and to put faith into action5. God is the origin and authority of everything, and he also loves and cares for everyone and everything.Lesson 81. The Foolish Girls wouldn’t have learned from their mistake; the Wise Girls also could have run out of oil.2. He is worth looking for, waiting for, and being ready for.3. Making both good and bad decisions builds wisdom. We often learn more from making poor choices. We can also  nd wisdom from good role models and through regular prayer.4. Examples: pray, have faith, maintain a loving relationship with God and your neighbors5. The First Reading usually comes from the Old Testament, the Second Reading comes from letters from the  rst Christian missionaries, and the Gospel reading comes from one of the four Gospels.

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