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Unit 1 Year A Answer KeyLesson 11. They need work, and no one has hired them yet.2. Everyone is paid the same amount, regardless of how many hours he has worked. 3. The people who are hired last4. People and work. Liturgy is work or service on behalf of the people.5. He did more work.Lesson 21. The second son2. They believed in John when the priests and elders did not.3. The Catholic Church, the People of God4. He spends time with his cousin Tommy, and he gets in some batting practice.5. He values his family  rst, his team second. He also values keeping his commitments.Lesson 31. They want to inherit the vineyard, to keep the proceeds from the harvest.2. They stone and beat the servants, killing one servant and the landowner’s son.3. He takes care of us and wants us to grow into our best selves.4. In Christian tradition, it is Sunday—a day of rest, restoration, and thanksgiving dedicated to God. 5. By going to church and taking the Sabbath day o  from your regular work and activitiesLesson 41. They ignored the invitation and insulted and killed the king’s servants.2. He told his servants to throw the man out.3. By welcoming him/her without judging or asking questions.4. Food is not equally distributed among wealthy and poor nations, and wars and con ict can make it hard to deliver food across nations.5. To give thanks for the company of friends and for the foodLesson 51. Caesar receives tax money, and God receives love and worship.2. God was their true ruler, and these coins had the faces of Roman rulers who wished to be regarded as gods. The Roman coins made it clear that Israel was under Roman rule instead of being free.3. Catholics support parishes, dioceses, and people in the community and worldwide who need help.4. He found God through prayer and Scripture and taught people about Baptism and the Eucharist.5. It allows people access to education, employment, health care, and all other goods that enhance theirlives.Lesson 61. With all of his heart, soul, and mind2. We must believe that we have worth in order to give to others.3. For the Church, for our needs, and for the needs of the entire world4. WE Charity: to end child labor and educate children; Feeding America: to end hunger and help those who are hungry5. They helped children escape the Warsaw Ghetto in secret, gave them fake identities, and placed them safely with Polish families and in orphanages.

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