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Unit 1 Year A Answer KeyLesson 11. They are all equal workers. They all needed work and they all contributed to the work. 2. Everyone is invited to work in the vineyard. God invites all people into his Kingdom. 3. It teaches us that God’s love is unlimited and o ered to everyone.4. Patron of the missions and one of the founders of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits 5. Nick is most like the workers who were hired early in the morning.Lesson 21. The  rst son2. The Sundays between Christmas and Lent and between the end of Easter and Advent3. He regretted that he said no to Mrs. Stolte.4. Readings and psalms from the Old Testament, writings from the New Testament, and stories from the Gospels5. To follow Saint Francis of AssisiLesson 31. The renters kill him.2. He puts a fence around it, digs a wine press, and builds a watchtower. 3. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John4. He can stop talking to Ms. Putty and help Hannah get organized.5. The classroomLesson 41. They refuse to come to the feast.2. To celebrate his son’s marriage3. The Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist4. School children in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean5. God invites people to be part of his Kingdom so they can live all eternity with him in Heaven. God also invites everyone to celebrate his feast at the Eucharist, or Mass.Lesson 51. They are trying to trick Jesus into saying they don’t have to pay taxes to the Romans.2. Caesar gets tax money. God receives love, commitment, and respect for his Creation.3. The Law of Moses4. Maeve and Chris earn the best grade possible and they are honest.5. Follow the laws of our country and state and keep God’s laws as well; volunteer in our parishes and communities; attend Mass regularlyLesson 61. With all of our hearts, souls, and minds2. The Ten Commandments and other laws that were meant to help keep the Commandments3. Those who help and serve others4. A basketball tournament and clinic that raises money for children’s cancer treatment, speci cally for Frankie’s Mission5. Examples: help a classmate with a math problem, share your extra snack, or rake your neighbor’s yard

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