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Unit 3 Year B Answer KeyFebruary 25, 20181. She was a Sister of Notre Dame de Namur who served as a missionary in Brazil for 40 years. She helped to build up communities of farmers who were poor.2. She believed it was what sustained her in life.3. Elijah and Moses, and God speaks there.4. They have witnessed the Trans guration of Jesus.5. He is the oldest ancestor of the Israelites who God called to start a great nation.March 4, 20181. He lashes out at his mom and dad and gets upset when his dogs are separated.2. Let him know he can talk to you, take him to a sports game or other activity to take his mind o  of the divorce, help him move his things between houses.3. He is referring to himself, his death and Resurrection. 4. We have duties to God, our neighbors, and ourselves. 5. He gets angry just like we do sometimes.March 11, 20181. The hope that one adult person will show up for them is the thing that makes the biggest di erence2. It gives them an alternative to jail or the violence of gangs. It gives them hope.3. People who do what is true and good; people who do wicked actions4. God loved the world, so he sent his only son to show us how much5. It is what we do in our minds and hearts when we make judgments about whether an action is right or wrong. Conscience is formed by the Word of God and Church teaching.

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