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Unit 3 Year B Answer KeyJanuary 21, 20181. Jorge Bergoglio2. God seeks us even before we seek God. He began to realize his vocation to become a priest. 3. He promises them that he will make them  shers of people.4. Good News5. It begins with people bringing up the gifts of bread, wine, and money to the altar.January 28, 20181. She was a 15-year-old African American girl who was taken to jail for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus.2. The United States Catholic bishops wrote that racism is a sin because it divides the human family.3. Jesus commanded the spirit to come out and the man was healed.4. Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick5. Advertising wants to sell products and recreate us. Jesus wants us to become ourselves in the image ofGod.February 4, 20181. He trips Nick and holds him down.2. She serves Jesus’ new community.3. Pray for the people there, donate clothes, bring a warm meal and eat with them.4. It means to answer a call to follow someone and spread the caller’s message to others. 5. Take turns, compromise, use humor, ignore it, get help, talk it overFebruary 11, 20181. She was moved to the ninth-grade team and they weren’t. They likely were jealous. 2. He told people about how Jesus healed him everywhere he went.3. It means to feel with, su er with, and to want to relieve that su ering.4. We do it through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.5. It a rms that we are friends who share a commitment to be a forgiving and loving communityFebruary 18, 20181. They are di erent from the other families in their community, and Luke may receive backlash if he supports them.2. They are his neighbors, and he knows he should treat everyone like his neighbors.3. Satan tested him and angels helped him.4. We renew our commitment from Baptism and prepare ourselves to celebrate Easter. 5. He wants the world to begin again after the  ood.

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