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Unit 3 Year B Answer KeyFebruary 25, 20181. It is a Japanese sport that promotes calm and peacefulness.2. You get the opportunity to go back and  x things.3. Jesus trans gures, Elijah and Moses appear, and a voice comes down form the clouds. 4. It states our duties to God, our neighbors, and ourselves.5. They explain how we must respect and honor other people.March 4, 20181. He led the people out of Egypt and established a covenant between them and God. 2. They have made the Temple a marketplace.3. Jesus is referring to his own Resurrection. The Temple is Jesus and his body.4. They are the  rst ancestors of the People of Israel.5. A venial sin damages one’s relationship with God; a mortal sin destroys it.March 11, 20181. He stole the cards he wanted from Rico.2. People who do what is true and good3. People who do wicked actions4. It is time to prepare to celebrate the Sacraments of Initiation and become members of the Church. 5. Accept all reasonable answers, including treating others the way we wish to be treated.

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