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Unit 3 Year B Answer KeyJanuary 21, 20181. It is Israel and Palestine.2. It is Jesus and the written stories about what Jesus said and did.3. He will teach them to “catch” people and to spread the Good News.4. People who talk and eat together and learn from one another5. The Gospel message that has been handed down through the preaching of the Apostles to the present-day ChurchJanuary 28, 20181. Many people in the United States did not think a black man should be a priest. He could not attend seminary in the United States.2. It is the Women’s Political Council. The group advised about when to start the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 3. He drives the unclean spirit out of him.4. No one stands outside of God’s love5. It is a place where Jewish people gather to pray and learn from a rabbi.February 4, 20181. Tim says that having one person be nice to him makes a big di erence. 2. She serves Jesus’ new community3. It can help others believe in themselves and help others  nd hope.4. SImon’s mother-in-law5. Someone who responds to Jesus’ call to follow him and help spread Jesus’ message.February 11, 20181. Uncle Ken lost his job and the family now needs a place to live.2. She lets Lindsey use her pastels and plays music that Scott likes.3. People from all over came to him after he healed the man with leprosy. Jesus needed to  nd a quiet place to pray.4. It means union with one another.5. It explains the meaning of the Liturgy’s Scripture readings.February 18, 20181. He wants to buy a new NBA game and does not have enough money.2. It isn’t fair to him that everybody else has money.3. Satan tested him and angels helped him4. It is an agreement between two human beings or between God and human beings. 5. We can turn towards God and accept how much He loves us.

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