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Unit 3 Year B Answer KeyJanuary 21, 20181. They leave their nets,  sh, and boats.2. the Sea of Galilee3. It is to love and to serve God and his people.4. A missionary tells people around the world about Jesus.5. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: a missionary needs strong faith, a Bible, God, prayer,tools for sharing the message of God’s love with others.January 28, 20181. They moved it into the shade.2. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: play a sport, create crafts, care for God’s Creation, play a musical instrument, work as part of a team, include those who are left out.3. He tells the spirit to get out of the man.4. Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation (Penance or Reconciliation alone are also acceptable answers.)5. A miracle is an extraordinary event, such as a healing, that is a sign of the power of God.February 4, 20181. The correct answer is (c) Pierre Toussaint.2. Some possible answers: He had a white father and a black mother. He lived in Lima, Peru. He was a barber and used herbs to help sick people. He took care of poor and sick people. He healed the archbishop’s stomachache. He took care of animals. His feast day is November 3.3. He healed her of her sickness.4. An Evangelist is one of the Gospel writers.5. MarkFebruary 11, 20181. They got sores on their bodies, lost limbs, and had to live away from people who didn’t have leprosy. 2. He wanted them to know that God loved them.3. He heals him and makes his sores go away.4. We pray, give to others, and fast from food.5. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: pray for them, welcome them, be kind to them.February 18, 20181. a rainbow2. He sent them his stories about Jesus.3. It is an agreement between two people or between God and people. 4. He stayed there for 40 days.5. He tells them that God is near and he loves them.

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