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Unit 2 Year A—B Answer KeyLesson 141. He pours and serves milk and gives out re lls.2. The older women told him a story about being robbed. Leroy didn’t get upset that John spilled milk on his food.3. Nothing is impossible with God4. By praying and stating the Apostles’ Creed 5. Mary, Jesus’ motherLesson 151. War, political con ict, natural disasters2. It began in Bethlehem in Judea.3. They worship him and give him gifts of golf, frankincense, and myrrh. 4. We search for God in our lives and follow his signs.5. It means to pray with and study a sacred picture or imageLesson 161. He believes we must do what God asks us to do, and that’s what God asked of him.2. It is another word for Peter, which means rock3. An individual calling to do/be something and pursue it your whole life4. A couple loves and serves their spouse and children5. At Baptism, we start a journey with God that will last our whole lives. Baptism is a call to share and witness our faith to others.

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