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Unit 2 Year A—B Answer KeyLesson 91. She comes late to the dinner table and dresses like her brother, Connor.2. He was afraid and thought his master was a hard man.3. Every person has great worth and is made in the image and likeness of God.4. God worked for six days to make all of creation and then rested on the seventh day.5. Volunteer to be a greeter at a soup kitchen, talk with a resident at a homeless shelter, donate gentlyused clothing and toys; accept all reasonable answersLesson 101. Their friend Timmy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and they wanted to make him feel more comfortable during chemotherapy treatments.2. They attend the funerals of people who would otherwise have no one to attend. They lead prayers and bear the casket.3. They served the least of his brothers and sisters. So, in turn, they served Jesus.4. We put ourselves in the place of others and care for the least among us.5. People are sacred and they should be treated that way, not as commodities or things. Gaudium et spessummarizes Catholic social teaching, which Pope Leo XIII began to write about in the late 19th century.Lesson 111. They brought her to the hospital; her aunt let her stay at her house and bought her new clothes; her classmates checked in on her.2. They do not know when Jesus will come back.3. The Church season for waiting and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 4. We can use God’s power in us to share, forgive, and love others.5. God-with-us; Jesus is with us now in people we see and talk with every dayLesson 121. He says God will make a path home for them and they will see his glory.2. It is a sign that we are sorry for our sins.3. The People of Israel were expelled from their homeland and forced to live in captivity in Babylon. 4. A good gift encourages mental, physical, and spiritual growth and ful lls a basic need.5. She wants him to tell the bishop of Mexico to build a church in her honor.Lesson 131. They confront it and make it part of their report.2. He is not the Messiah, he is not Elijah, and he is not the Prophet.3. Rejoice!4. God sent Jesus out of love and to die for our sins.5. Prayers said during the third week of Advent that connect Jesus to the history of the People of Israel

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