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Unit 2 Year A—B Answer KeyLesson 141. She wrote Jerome a card for every day of the week with an Advent activity for him to do. The activities keep Jerome occupied with something other than his excitement about Christmas.2. Mary says she is God’s servant and she humbly accepts that she will give birth to Jesus.3. Mary4. When the angel Gabriel told Mary that God chose her to be Jesus’ mother5. Jesus’ early ancestor and Israel’s faithful king. He brought peace to his people and made Jerusalem his capital city.]Lesson 151. A baby wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger2. They felt good and their sacks became full3. He wants to remain in power and be the only king.4. He tells them to go  nd the child and report back so that he, too, can honor baby Jesus. 5. It makes all of us God’s doers of justice, mercy, and peace in our world.Lesson 161. He worked really hard and thought a lot about God’s purpose for him. 2. Angelo Roncalli3. He had found/met the Messiah.4. A life calling, what one is called to do5. We are called to follow Jesus and be holy and loving people.

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