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Unit 2 Year A—B Answer KeyLesson 91. At softball games, she cheers from the bench. When she doesn’t get a part in the play, she helps paint the backdrop.2. He takes the money back from Servant 3, throws him out, and gives the money to Servant 1.3. Those who use their gifts will be rewarded. Those who do not will lose what they have. Accept all reasonable answers.4. We use them to show our love for others.5. The life we will share with God in Heaven and on EarthLesson 101. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, visit the sick and imprisoned, bury the dead, give alms to the poor, and shelter the homeless; any four are acceptable2. Fifth-grader David said, “The Works of Mercy are kind of like a shorter version of the Ten Commandments—things we should do... It’s better to think of others than yourself in any situation.”3. In failing to help the least among them, they refused to help Jesus. Therefore, they chose not to make their home with him.4. Parousia5. Preaching, helping people who were poor, and founding centers of prayer and study all over IrelandLesson 111. God will comfort us and lead us home, carrying us like lambs.2. The season of waiting and preparing to celebrate Jesus’ coming3. A traveler who leaves his home and puts his servants in charge until he returns4. The Christian mystery in which God’s divine Son became a human being or Emmanuel, which meansGod-with-us.5. When the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem, knocked down the Temple, and forced the Israelites into Israel 2,600 years ago.Lesson 121. Tom decided to reach out to T.J. because they had been friends for so long.2. The messenger about whom Isaiah had prophesized and the announcer of God’s coming3. We can love, forgive, and share our gifts.4. A free, deliberate choice to turn away from God’s love, to break God’s law, and to hurt others and ourselves5. The Patron of Widows and Founder of the Order of the Visitation of Our LadyLesson 131. The silver coin that José brought from Pio2. On the east side of the Jordan River in Bethany3. He came to bring Good News to people who were poor, to heal the brokenhearted, and to free captives. 4. Someone who will reach out to people who are poor and/or in trouble5. To magnify or to glorify

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