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Unit 2 Year A—B Answer KeyLesson 141. Through the power of the Holy Spirit2. Elizabeth will have a baby.3. It is the angel Gabriel’s announcement that God wants Mary to become the Mother of God. 4. They bring gifts for Jesus.5. She is full of God’s life.Lesson 151. The Roman emperor wanted to count how many people lived in his kingdom.2. The angel tells them that a special child has been born and they will  nd him in the stable. 3. He doesn’t want anyone else to be king.4. It is the City of David in which the prophets said the Messiah would be born.5. Through JesusLesson 161. A disciple believes in a leader and helps to spread the leader’s teachings.2. God was calling him.3. “rock”4. Jesus wants Simon to be a strong, rock-like disciple and continue Jesus’ work.5. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: be holy and loving, care for those who are in need, follow him, follow his example.

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