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Unit 2 Year A—B Answer KeyLesson 91. Joshua hid his money and didn’t do anything with it.2. She didn’t know her spelling words and she didn’t want to get red marks on her paper.3. She can practice on her own and, if she still has trouble, she can ask her mom for help.4. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: you can run really fast, write in cursive, spell the alphabet backwards.5. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: we can help others who have di erent talents, sing or play an instrument for others, draw or paint a picture to share, show others how to play a sport or game.Lesson 101. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick, visit the imprisoned, bury the dead. Any four are acceptable.2. people who showed mercy to those in need3. They did not share what they had with people who were in need.4. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: share your sandwich with her, ask your friends and/or your teacher if they have any snacks or juices they can spare, loan/give her money to buy a lunch.5. He expects us to love them and treat them as we would want to be treated.Lesson 111. Advent means “coming.” The season of Advent is a time of preparing to celebrate Jesus’ coming at Christmas.2. They destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and they drove the people of Israel out of their homes and held them captive.3. He reminded them that God loves them and would guide them.4. We can go to Mass, pray, and love our neighbors and the earth.5. Advent prepares us to celebrate Christmas and the Incarnation—when God’s divine Son became human.Lesson 121. He asked the ship captain for a little grain from each ship and divided it among the hungry people. 2. A saint is a holy person who loved and served God on earth and now lives with God in Heaven.3. He tells them to change their ways and he will baptize them with water.4. We will become saints in Heaven.5. He brings the bishop roses in December as a sign from Mary. When he shows the roses to the bishop, they see an image of Mary on his cloak.Lesson 131. They have to plant them in pots, decorate them for Christmas, plant them outside their school, and wait for them to grow.2. Jesus3. We should use our God-given abilities to love, forgive, and care for one another. 4. “anointed one”5. Accept all reasonable answers. Some examples: sing Christmas carols, visit a neighbor at the nursing home, donate a toy or clothes to someone who needs them.

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