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Scope and Sequence Chart
Grades 4, 5 & 6 2017-2018 SCOPE AND SEQUENCE
Sunday Gospel
Profession of Faith
Celebra on of the Chris an Mystery
Chris an Living
Chris an Prayer
Catholic Social Teaching
September 24, 2017 25th Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 20:1–16a God Is Generous
Sunday Scripture readings
The Church is the People of God (#777)
Eucharist gathers us together
Learning about Jesus together
Singing our prayer
Call to family and community
October 1, 2017
26th Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 21:28–32 God’s Will
Gospel tells Jesus’ story
God makes us free to choose (#1799–1800)
Sunday Eucharist
Decisions of conscience
Prayers of pe  on
October 8, 2017
27th Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 21:33–43 God’s Vineyard
Sunday Scripture readings
Jesus invites us to faith (#179–80)
Saints: Saint Francis of Assisi
Belonging to a Church
Prayers for Church leaders
Call to family and community
October 15, 2017 28th Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 22:1–14 Wedding Feast
Old Testament: Ten Commandments
Jesus teaches us hospitality (#561, 1971)
Sacrament of Reconcilia on
Forgiving and being forgiven
Prayer asking for forgiveness
Call to family and community
October 22, 2017 29th Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 22:15–21 Caesar and God
Eighth Commandment
The People of God build community (#752)
Reconcilia on: right and wrong
Sins and virtues; honesty
Lord’s Prayer
October 29, 2017 30th Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 22:34–40 Great Commandments
Jesus’ Great Commandment: love
The People of God love with whole selves (#228, 2055)
Reconcilia on
Respect; Works of Mercy
Prayer of pe  on
November 5, 2017 31st Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 23:1–12
The Servant Is Greatest
Jesus’ disciples
The People of God serve others (#459, 859)
All Saints’ Day; All Souls’ Day
Serving others; saints
Commitment to serving others
Op on for poor and vulnerable
November 12, 2017 32nd Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 25:1–13 Foolish Choices
The People of God pray (#2623–25)
Types and  mes of prayer
November 19, 2017 33rd Sunday Ordinary
Ma hew 25:14–30 Talents
The People of God use their talents (#546, 1880)
Reconcilia on: responsibility, conscience
Responding to grace
Thanking God for talents; a rming others
November 26, 2017 Feast of Christ the King
Ma hew 25:31–46 Works of Mercy
Last Judgment
The People of God do works of mercy (#2446–47)
Reconcilia on: loving ac ons
Doing works of mercy
Praising God
Dignity of the human person
December 3, 2017 1st Sunday of Advent
Mark 13:33–37 Be Alert!
Prophet Isaiah; Israel
Crea on awaits ful llment (#715, 1015)
Family forgiveness
Advent prayer and song
Family forgiveness
December 10, 2017 2nd Sunday of Advent
Mark 1:1–8
Jesus Is Good News
John the Bap st
Israel awaits a savior (#702)
Acts of jus ce; Communion of Saints
Model of saints: Saint Nicholas
Carols; Apostles’ Creed
Op on for poor and vulnerable
December 17, 2017 3rd Sunday of Advent
John 1:6–8, 19–28 John the Bap st Prepares for Jesus
John the Bap st; Messiah
The Church awaits Jesus (#523–24)
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Wai ng for Jesus’ coming
Christmas carols; Advent Wreath
Op on for poor and vulnerable; solidarity
December 24, 2017 4th Sunday of Advent
Luke 1:26–38 Mary’s Yes to God
Angel messenger
Mary, model of believers (#273, 509)
Hail Mary; Annuncia on
Incultura ng our faith
Hail Mary; Advent Wreath
December 25, 2017
& January 7, 2018 Christmas & Epiphany
Luke 2:1–14 & Ma hew 2:1–12 Jesus Is Born
New Testament: Na vity and Epiphany
Jesus is Emmanuel (#744)
Celebra ng the Christmas season; Church calendar
Telling the Christmas story
Carols; Na ve American blessing
January 14, 2018 2nd Sunday Ordinary
John 1:35–42
Jesus Calls Followers
The prophet Samuel; disciple
Jesus reveals God to us (#73)
Eucharist: Liturgy of Word
Learning about Jesus in Bible
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 40
Call to family and community
January 21, 2018 3rd Sunday Ordinary
Mark 1:14–20 Jesus Calls Four Fishermen
The land of Galilee
Jesus calls  shers of men (#849)
Eucharist: sharing Good News
Learning about Jesus’ home
Voca on prayer
Call to family and community
January 28, 2018 4th Sunday Ordinary
Mark 1:21–28 Jesus Teaches with Authority
Jesus as healer; miracles
Jesus has healing power (#548–50)
Reconcilia on
Using our power for good
Act of Contri on
February 4, 2018 5th Sunday Ordinary
Mark 1:29–39 Jesus Raises Up, Heals, Frees
Finding Gospel passages
Jesus’ life is a con nual teaching (#561)
Eucharist: Gospel; Anoin ng; signs and symbols
Model of saints:
Saint Mar n de Porres
Litany of Saints
Op on for poor and vulnerable
February 11, 2018 6th Sunday Ordinary
Mark 1:40–45 Jesus Heals a Leper
Jesus cares for the sick and outcast
Saints show the power of the Spirit in us (#961)
Preparing for Lent; Church year
Model of saints: Damien of Molokai
Thanksgiving for loved ones
Dignity of the human person
February 18, 2018 1st Sunday of Lent
Mark 1:12–15 Jesus Is Tempted
God’s covenant with Noah; Mark as Evangelist
Jesus chooses his Father (#538–40)
Lenten calendar
Lent: prayer
Way of the Cross
February 25, 2018 2nd Sunday of Lent
Mark 9:2–10 Trans gura on
Trans gura on
Jesus is both human and divine (#460, 568)
Eucharist: Lord’s Prayer
Lent: look, listen, and remember
Lord’s Prayer
March 4, 2018
3rd Sunday of Lent
John 2:13–25 Jesus Cleanses the Temple
The Temple; Ten Commandments
Jesus calls us to holiness (#2052–55)
Ten Commandments
Lent: signs of faith; fas ng
Prayer of thanks
Rights and responsibili es
March 11, 2018 4th Sunday of Lent
John 3:14–21
Jesus Gives Us Light
Jesus shows God’s love (#620)
Reconcilia on: forgiveness
Lent: loving and forgiving
Reconcilia on prayer service
Rights and responsibili es
March 18, 2018 5th Sunday of Lent
John 12:20–33
The Grain of Wheat
Jesus nourishes us with his Body and Blood (#787, 805)
Eucharist: Bread is Jesus’ Body; Ini a on
Lent: Eucharist
Eucharis c Prayer
Dignity of the human person
March 25, 2018 Palm/Passion Sunday
Mark 14:1—15:47 Jesus’ Passion
The Passion story
Jesus su ers, dies, and is raised up (#542)
Holy Week liturgies; Easter
Remembering Jesus’ last days
Venera on of the Cross
April 1 & April 8, 2018 Easter Sunday & 2nd Easter
John 20:1–31 Jesus Is Risen
Jesus is risen
God raises Jesus to new life (#658)
Easter symbols
Witnessing to Jesus’ Resurrec on
Alleluia; Apostles’ Creed
April 15, 2018
3rd Sunday of Easter
Luke 24:35–48 Jesus Appears to His Disciples
Post-Resurrec on appearance
Jesus is present in the Church (#935)
Eucharist: Creed
Showing belief in Resurrec on
praying when sad
April 22, 2018
4th Sunday of Easter
John 10:11–18
The Good Shepherd
Jesus is our Good Shepherd (#754)
Crea on reveals God to us; pastor is a shepherd
Showing care for all that lives
Thanksgiving for Crea on
Care for the earth
April 29, 2018
5th Sunday of Easter
John 15:1–8 The Vine and the Branches
God the Creator
We are the Body of Christ (#805)
The Mass is about Jesus with us
Recognizing Jesus in others
May 6, 2018
6th Sunday of Easter
John 15:9–17 Jesus’ Great Commandment
Jesus’ rule is love (228, 592)
Eucharist: sent to share Good News
Loving one another
Holy Spirit prayer
May 13, 2018 Ascension of the Lord
Mark 16:15–20
Preach the Good News
Ascension of Our Lord
Jesus returns to the Father (#665–667)
Ascension and Pentecost
Sharing the Good News
Sending-out prayer
Called to family and community 11
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