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  Checking Up: Unit 2 (page 1 of 2) Name __________________________
        Section A—Complete the following sentences.
1. Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Saint _________________________________ as a beautiful Aztec woman with dark skin and dark eyes, wearing a turquoise cloak full of stars, and she commanded him to ask the bishop to build her a church.
2. The great value and dignity of every human person comes from the fact that each of us is made in the image and likeness of _________________________.
3. The angel ________________________ appeared to Mary and announced that she would become pregnant, give birth to the Son of God, and name him Jesus.
4. During the four weeks of ____________________, we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, just as John the Baptist preached to prepare his people for Jesus’ coming.
5. A _________________________ is a way of life in which each of us serves God and one another.
Section B—Match each description in Column 1 with the correct term from Column 2.
 Column 1
______ 6. O Antiphons ______ 7. Emmanuel ______ 8. Faith ______ 9. Mercy ______ 10. Epiphany
Column 2
a. Compassionate love that is faithful, active, and concerned for the good of others. We receive this from God and show it to one another.
b. A Theological Virtue and a gift of God that allows us to respond freely to what he has revealed in words and deeds.
c. The prayers for the last seven days of Advent, in which we greet Jesus by different titles that connect him to the history of the People of Israel.
d. Means “God-with-us”; one of the names for Jesus, reminding us that he is among us now and always.
e. Feast day when we remember how three wise men, or Magi, traveled to worship Jesus, gave him gifts, and then returned home by another route to protect themselves from Herod.

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