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Section C—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
11. The dignity of the human person—a key theme of Catholic social teaching—requires each of us to pursue
_____ and improve the conditions of human life for all.
a. the common good b. power
c. greatest fame
12. In 2016 Pope Francis declared that caring for God’s Creation is both a Corporal and a Spiritual _____ in which we care for the physical and spiritual needs of our neighbors.
a. truth
b. Commandment c. Work of Mercy
13. What do we call the part of the Mass that connects the Word and the Eucharist, when we petition God for our needs and for the needs of the Church, the community, and all the world?
a. Penitential Act
b. Prayer of the Faithful c. Profession of Faith
14. Which of these are the four Marks of the Church, which indicate that it is the Church of Jesus Christ?
a. holy, united, saintly, and ancient
b. one, holy, catholic, and apostolic
c. covenantal, apostolic, diverse, and holy
15. Which of the following is a Sacrament of Service, and why?
a. The Sacrament of Matrimony, because married Christians serve each other and their children
b. The Sacrament of Holy Orders, because priests serve the People of God by continuing Jesus’ loving,
forgiving, healing actions c. Both a and b
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