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        Section D Continued
______ 22. Each prophet (a word meaning “Good News”) tells us who Jesus is and what he did for us.
______ 23. When we say the Lord’s Prayer at Mass, we proclaim Jesus is truly God and truly man.
______ 24. After being knocked to the ground and blinded by a light, Saint Paul became a follower of Christ and traveled the world to share the Good News.
Section E—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
25. We call Jesus the ________________ because he gave up his life for his sheep; he knows his sheep, and his sheep know him.
a. Good Shepherd b. Lamb of God c. Messiah
26. Which of the following is NOT one of the parts of the Mass?
a. Liturgy of Readings b. Liturgy of the Word c. Liturgy of the Eucharist
27. In his ________________, Jesus used familiar experiences from daily life to help us learn about God’s love for us and about the Kingdom of Heaven.
a. psalms b. proverbs c. parables
28. The ________________ are signs of Jesus’ love and the making present of his loving, healing, and
forgiving actions. These were instituted by Jesus to give us a share in God’s life. a. Marks of the Church b. Beatitudes c. sacraments
29. The fair and responsible use of all resources in service of God and his people is called ________________. a. solidarity b. stewardship c. covenant
30. Feeding the hungry is one of the Corporal ________________.
a. Works of Mercy b. Gifts of the Holy Spirit c. Beatitudes

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