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        Before we start the year, let’s take a few minutes to see what we already know about our Catholic Faith.
Section A—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
1. _____ traveled throughout the Mediterranean to teach Jesus’ Good News.
a. Thomas b. Paul
2. On _____ we recall and celebrate Jesus’ Last Supper with his followers.
c. Mark
c. Advent
c. Missionary
 a. Holy Thursday
3. Another name for Jesus is the _____.
a. Good Shepherd
4. Jesus was born in _____.
b. Good Friday
b. First Disciple
a. Galilea
a. holy, united, saintly, ancient b. one, holy, catholic, c. one, holy, loyal, catholic
apostolic 6. The Church’s of cial public worship is called _____.
a. liturgy b. communion c. prayer Section B—Match each description in Column 1 with the correct term from Column 2.
b. Egypt
5. The four Marks of the Church, which indicate that it is the Church of Jesus Christ, are
c. Bethlehem
 Column 1
______ 7. The celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection ______ 8. A time to prepare for Christmas ______ 9. When the Magi came to see Jesus ______ 10. A time to prepare for Easter
______ 11. The seventh day; a day dedicated to God according to the Third Commandment
______ 12. The last Sunday of the Church Year
Column 2
a. Epiphany
b. Advent
c. Easter
d. Feast of Christ the King e. Sabbath
f. Lent

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