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  Checking Up: Unit 4 (page 2 of 2) Name __________________________
        Section C—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
11. The ________________ celebrates Jesus’ Resurrection; it is the holiest night of the year.
a. Easter Vigil b. Good Friday c. Holy Week
12. Holy Week begins with ______________________, recalling the day when the people of Jerusalem
welcomed Jesus as a king by waving palms, laying down their cloaks, and shouting their praises. a. Holy Thursday b. Good Friday c. Palm/Passion Sunday
13. After being knocked to the ground and blinded by a light, _____________________ became a follower of Christ and traveled the world to share the Good News.
a. Peter b. Paul c. John
14. Which Apostle doubted that Jesus had risen until he could see Jesus for himself?
a. Thomas b. Mary Magdalene c. Peter
15. Jesus called his disciples to ___________________—to share their faith and preach the Good News to
convert others to Christianity.
a. evangelize b. prophecy c. pray
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