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  Checking Up: Unit 3 (page 2 of 2) Name __________________________
        Section C—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
11. When Jesus heals the mother-in-law of ________________, she begins to serve the community as his  rst
woman disciple.
a. Peter b. Andrew c. Joseph
12. The  rst three ___________________ tell the people how to be faithful to their relationship with God. a. Commandments b. Beatitudes c. Precepts of the Church
13. In the ___________________—part of the Mass—the priest reenacts Jesus’ words and actions at the Last Supper on the night before he died.
a. Liturgy of the Word b. Prayer of the Faithful c. Eucharistic Prayer
14. The forty days of the season of Lent helps us renew our baptismal commitment and prepares us to
celebrate ______________________.
a. Christmas b. Easter c. Ordinary Time
15. ____________________, the oldest ancestor of the Israelites, was the  rst person to believe in Yahweh. a. Noah b. Isaiah c. Abraham

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