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   Checking Up: Unit 2
Name __________________________
      Section A—Complete each sentence using the correct word or words from the word bank. Not all words will be used. 1. During Advent we prepare to celebrate the ___________________, the mystery of God’s
divine Son becoming man.
2. _____________________ is a Greek word that refers to the coming again of Jesus in
glory at the end of time.
3.  eAngel____________toldMary,“ eLordiswithyou.Blessedareyouamongwomen.” 4.  e ____________________ refers to the life we will share with God in heaven forever, as
well as the community of love and justice we build on earth now.
5. Mary’s prayerful response of praise to Elizabeth’s greeting is called the
____________________, a Latin word that means to magnify or to glorify.
Section B—Write T on the line if the statement is true. Write F on the line if the statement is false.
_____ 6. By becoming human, God’s Son, Jesus, reveals how human beings can live and love the same way God does.
_____ 7. Isaiah foretold the coming of a Messiah who would reach out to those who are poor or in trouble.
_____ 8. In the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis is a collection of wise sayings about how to live, how to make friends, and how to work for the king.
_____ 9. A star led shepherds to the place where the infant Jesus lay, so they could worship him.
_____ 10. Isaiah was a prophet who reassured the exiled Israelites that God would lead them out of Babylon and
home to Jerusalem.
Section C—Circle the letter of the correct answer.
11. The Corporal _____ are very practical ways to love others, such as feeding the hungry or welcoming the homeless. a. Ten Commandments b. Works of Mercy c. Psalms
12. Which two sacraments celebrate speci c vocations, or calls to follow Jesus?
a. Penance and Eucharist b. Baptism and Penance c. Marriage and Holy Orders
13. A ________ is a free, deliberate choice to turn away from God’s love, to break God’s law, and to hurt others and ourselves.
a. covenant b. beatitude c. sin
14. At the ___________, the angel proclaimed to Mary that God had chosen her to be the mother of his Son, and she said yes.
a. Annunciation b. Visitation c. Assumption
15. When Jesus changes Simon’s name to Peter, he is calling him to be strong and steady like a ____________.
a. rock b. statue c. mast of a ship
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 Word Bank
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